February 13, 2017

My Little Friends

Mean Mr. Mustard. David Hayes, 2017.
It's been a while since I last posted. All sorts of reason why...but there you are. I thought I'd make my first posting of the year one in which I spotlight another side of me. While I mostly consider myself a photographer and mixed media artist, I do like to do the occasional assemblage piece. Mean Mr. Mustard is my latest endeavor...put together using a spice can, doll parts, wine corks and other found objects. A little bit of super glue and paint to bring him to life.

Ginger. David Hayes, 2017.

Ginger has been with me for some time now. She was one of my first art dolls. She's still my favorite...just love her attitude!

Hot Dog. David Hayes, 2017

Next to Ginger, Hot Dog is my all time favorite. I made him back in 2011 for a Cloth, Paper, Scissors challenge and was quite pleased when he was featured in their September/October 2011 issue!

There are more "little friends" scattered about my studio and house...and others have been given away or sold over the years. I do have several more in mind and as soon as I bring these to life I'll make sure to share them with you!

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