February 21, 2017

An Eclectic Universe

Faux Mail Art #1. David Hayes, 2017.

After putting it off for what seems forever, I've started to revitalize my Etsy shop, An Eclectic Universe. It is in this shop that you'll find many of my mixed media works...and as time goes on...selected images from my photography portfolio. I will also list other interesting tidbits as I come across them!

Faux Mail Art #2. David Hayes, 2017.

My Faux Mail Art series, of which these three pieces are a part, are one-of-a-kind mixed media collages. While not really suitable for mailing, I did create them with Mail Art in mind.

Faux Mail Art #3. David Hayes, 2017.

To check out these three pieces and other examples of my mixed media works, please visit my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnEclecticUniverse

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