April 26, 2016

House..and other images.

House. David Hayes, 2016.

Tree. David Hayes, 2016.

Recently I signed up for Susan Tuttle's newest on-line workshop, Mobile Art MasteryI have been a fan of Susan's work for quite sometime so I jumped at the chance to take this workshop. I'm hoping that it will give me some much needed inspirations as well as new insights in the editing process. 

These two images, Tree and House are both the result of following her workflow and tips in Lesson 1: Vintage House. I created House first...and liking the results...duplicated the workflow for Tree

I first created the background in Image Blender using two separate images. I then brought in the House...and the Tree...using Superimpose. The smoke coming out of the chimney in House was added using Elements FX Pro and the birds in both images were brought in using Distressed FX. The sun in House is from Alien Sky. I then applied two filters using Formulas to complete both images. 

Mobile Art Mastery by Susan Tuttle

I'm looking forward to going through the entire workshop...particularly if I'm inspired to create images like these first two! 

April 25, 2016

52 Cards - Week 17

52 Cards (17/52). David Hayes, 2016.

Nonnegotiable. Start with the "source" card...a couple of filters from Stackables...some detailing in Repix...and type using TitleFx. Liking this one...a lot!

Here's the "source" card:

April 18, 2016

52 Cards - Week 16

52 Cards (16/52). David Hayes, 2016.

So...some cut & paste...both physically and digitally...followed up with the apps Procreate and Mextures!

The source card:

April 11, 2016

52 Cards - Week 15

52 Cards (Week 15). David Hayes, 2016.

Back to the card layout this week...and a touch of abstraction. Some cut and past, Procreate, iColorama and Stackables to bring it all together...

The "source" card:

April 6, 2016

52 Cards - Week 14

52 Cards (14/52). David Hayes, 2016

Not loving this one as much as the past two cards...maybe it's one of those that over time I will. (Procreate and TitleFX)

The "source" card: