January 27, 2016

Three of A Kind - Oranges

Oranges (1). David Hayes, 2016.

Continuing my theme of "three of a kind"...a bowl of oranges! Oranges (1) was shot with my iPhone6 and processed using the app Snapseed.

Oranges (2). David Hayes, 2016.

This version was also shot using my iPhone but processed using the app Stackables. A different perspective and a bit more processing than the first version.

Oranges (3). David Hayes, 2016.

Returning to a top down perspective for my final version, this one was processed using the app, VSCO.

Same bowl of oranges...same basic set-up...three different images. Always interesting...

January 26, 2016

52 Cards - Week 4

52 Cards (4/52). David Hayes, 2016.

This week's card features the apps Image Blender and Repix. Not much more to say about it...except to show you the "source card":

January 23, 2016

Three of A Kind - Containers

Container (1). David Hayes, 2016.
A cold day in December, no real idea as to what I wanted to accomplish but wanting to do something...perfect recipe for a little "faffing"! So...I grabbed a concrete bowl I had made over the summer and some "this and thats". These three images make up my Container three of a kind...

Container (2). David Hayes, 2016.

Container (3). David Hayes, 2016.

All three were shot using my iPhone6 native camera app and processed on my iPad. As for the app(s) I used...I truly don't remember but it doesn't look like I did much to any of these images other than the usual exposure and contrast corrections. Sometimes simple is best....

January 20, 2016

Three of A Kind - First Snow

First Snow (1) David Hayes, 2016

Following the lead of several photographers I admire on Instagram, I've been creating series of threes. All three images are of the same theme and processed in pretty much the same way. This first set, First Snow was taken several weeks ago right after our first snow fall. I used the app, Formulas, to process all three.

First Snow (2) David Hayes, 2016.

First Snow (3) David Hayes, 2016.

January 19, 2016

52 Cards - Week 3

52 Cards (3/52). David Hayes, 2016

Most of the work on this card was done on my iPad...just did a bit of a border and stenciling before scanning. Oh...and a bit of a white wash before all that...

Here's the "source" card. If you're a fan of Seth Apter you'll recognize the "STORY" stencil...

January 13, 2016

52 Cards - Week Two

52 Cards (2/52). David Hayes, 2016

I used the apps Stackables and Hipstamatic to create this week's final version. I started with a very basic card and let the apps do the heavy lifting this time around!

Here's the "source image":

January 8, 2016

New Project...

Messy. David Hayes, 2016.
A new year calls for  new projects. More on that in a bit...

First, finishing up an old project...the Be Still workshop with this final image...Messy. Our last prompt asked us to "make a mess" in the process of creating....and shoot it top-down. Whilst I toyed with several different ideas based on this prompt, I decided to go with the "mess" I created starting my first new project of the new year. Not quite a still-life but even still I do like the abstract quality of this image. So there you have it!

Let's talk about my new project...which will help make more sense of Messy. I'm borrowing a workshop concept created by Seth Apter over at The Altered Page. He asks his participants to take a deck of playing cards, coat both sides with black gesso, and then go at each card...collaging, assembling, creating...a different work of art on every card. My project is to take this idea...and go one step further. After I collage/assemble a card I will then scan it into my iPad and "finish" it digitally. I've always wanted to find a project where I could blend my mixed-media side with my photography...and here it is! My goal is to create a new card every week for the entire year...and here's the first one!

52 Cards. (1/52). David Hayes, 2016.

Just for fun, here's the card before I "app-ed" it:

I'm excited about the possibilities of this project...should be interesting to see what I come up with each week. Do check back!!