December 27, 2016

52 Cards - Week 52

52 Cards - Week 52. David Hayes, 2016.

So here it is...card 52 out of a deck of 52. I don't know if this is the best in the deck...I'll let you decide that. All I know it was fun working on these every to come up with a weekly challenge for 2017. I'll give that some thought...

Here's the original card:

December 22, 2016

52 Cards - Week 51

52 Cards - Week 51. David Hayes, 2016
A bit late in posting this week's card...tis the season and all that! Only one more card left....gonna have to make it the best one ever!!

Here's the original card:

December 12, 2016

52 Cards - Week 50

52 Cards - Week 50. David Hayes, 2016

Channeling the movie, A Christmas Story for this week's card. More cut and paste collaging on this one versus "digital" collage. Some week's are like that...

Here's the original card:

December 6, 2016

52 Cards - Week 49

52 Cards - Week 49 David Hayes, 2016

Now then...this isn't at all what I had in mind when I made the original card...although I can't really say what I did have in mind! So...all that ends, ends well! And god bless iColorama!

Here's the original card: