October 26, 2016

52 Cards - Week 43

52 Cards - Week 43. David Hayes, 2016

The upcoming Election Day has us all in an uproar...tried to challenge that feeling into this card...

A paste-up followed with "special effects" courtesy of the app iColorama! 

The original card:

October 18, 2016

52 Cards - Week 42

52 Cards - Week 42. David Hayes, 2016

I had some fun with this week's card! All digital work done in Procreate with a topping of Stackables...as usual.

Here's the original card:

October 11, 2016

52 Cards - Week 41

52 Cards - Week 41. David Hayes, 2016.

Let's see...I used Procreate to do the digital collaging, Distressed Fx and Snapseed to tie it all together!

Here's the original card:

October 6, 2016

52 Cards - Week 40

52 Cards - Week 40. David Hayes, 2016

I'm a little late in getting this week's card posted...it's been that kind of week! I used the apps Procreate, Repix, and Stackables to create the digital version...a little bit of this and that. As always!

The original card: