June 8, 2016

Ferris Wheel

An annual event here in Milford, Ohio, Frontier Days follows the Memorial Day holiday as a kick off to summer. There is always a parade on the first day of the festival with three days of festivities over the week-end. We live only blocks from the fair grounds so it’s an easy walk for us to amble over, pick up some cotton candy and a fair waffle…and take pictures!

Opening the image in the app iColorama, I first did a square crop, focusing on the wheel itself and leaving a bit of negative space in the top right corner. Clicking “Apply”, I moved to the next step.

Still in iColorama, I next went to STYLE > TENSOR to give the image a painterly feel.  I used the default preset (1/4) and left the Opacity and Amount also at the default settings. Clicked on “Apply” and “Save” to finish up in this app.

Here’s a look at the image so far. Time for the next app!

Opening the image in Stackables, I applied the “Summer Glow” filter with a blend mode of Overlay @100%.  Saved this to my camera roll.

A quick look at the image after using Stackables.

Moving to the app Repix, I first went to “Rain Drips” and painted this effect over the entire image.

Wanting a bit more grunge, I then used the “Cracks” effect and painted this over the entire image.

After applying the two effects in Repix, the image is looking pretty good but I’m thinking it needs a bit of tweaking as well as a grungy frame. Snapseed is the perfect app to do both these things so that’s where I went next!

Once opened in Snapseed, I used the “Glamour Glow” effect 5/5 at the default settings.

I then used the “Tune Image” function to first adjust “Brightness” to -35.

Secondly, I adjusted “Saturation” to -44.

For a finishing touch, I opened “Frames” and applied Frame 8/23 with a width of -10.

Here’s the final version of Ferris Wheel! Quite a change from its source image wouldn’t you say!

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