June 2, 2016


#1 (5/25/16). David Hayes, 2016

The beginning of this year found me in a bit of "doldrums" with my photography. I had spent the prior year exploring the still life genre...and was pleased in general with what I had created...yet I also realized that my muse was not as happy with all of this as I might like. After a bit of a drought, I decided that my best course of action was to focus on sharpening the technical side of my photography and to seek out other outlets for my creative side. 

I started by going back to my painting...and I see good things happening here...nothing that I'd want to share as of yet. I've also gone back to doing the cut-and-paste, get my hands messy mixed media collaging that has always informed my still life photography. After a bit of a false start, I am now working on a series of collages that I feel are worth sharing!

#2 (5/28/16). David Hayes, 2016

Each collage measures 6x6" and is assembled on heavy weight water color paper. I'm using elements that I already have at hand...and when I can, bits and pieces of my photography. I don't start my collages with any theme in mind...instead I just start putting elements together and see what happens!

#3 (5/30/16). David Hayes, 2016.

I have the first three done in this series...a fourth is almost completed and I've just put down some "texturing" for numbers five and six. I don't have any certain number of collages in mind for this series...we'll see how this plays out!

I am offering each of these for sale on my Etsy site if you're interested. I think you'll find my asking price for each one to be quite modest...and it does include domestic shipping! Do check these out at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnEclecticUniverse.


amy of four corners design said...

like the direction you are going...I've enjoyed combining my photos with my collage work too...guess you had enough of single white flowers...now I've had my fill of cups of tea shot from overhead...in any case, keep going with this - its great!

Seth said...

Collage. Mixed media. Now you are talking my language. Looking good here and looking forward to seeing where this goes!!