March 28, 2016

52 Cards - Week 13

52 Cards (13/52). David Hayes, 2016.

When I first started this project my thought was to keep everything "within" the borders of an altered card. I went beyond those borders with Card 12...and did the same with this one.  That's what borders are for...

Apps used this time: Distressed FX, Procreate, and Repix.

The "source card":

March 22, 2016

52 Cards - Week 12

52 Weeks (12/52). David Hayes, 2016.

Different tact this week. I used a blank card as my base...but I didn't glue anything down...just took a shot of what I had gathered with my iPhone. Then the fun began...starting with the app Formulas for my base...several layers of the source image using Procreate...finished with a border in Snapseed. Different....

Here's the "source image":

March 17, 2016


Twins (Girls). David Hayes, 2016.

I had some fun here recently working with a couple of old family them a bit of a twist. The girls in Twins just have this look about them...and then there's the woman in the background. The backstory on these two could be interesting.

Them. David Hayes, 2016.

Then there are these two. Talk about a backstory! In any case, I used the iPad app Procreate to put the two images together and digital elements from digikits by Teddi Rutschman Designs and Manudesigns.

March 16, 2016

52 Cards - Week 11

52 Cards (11/52) David Hayes, 2016.

I started with a bit of old wrapping paper glued to my black card. Scanned this into my iPad. A touch of Repix followed with a filter from Stackables...and numbered using Title FX. So there.

Here's the "source card":

March 10, 2016

Goddess (Unfinished)

Goddess (Unfinished). David Hayes, 2016.

Very much so...unfinished. Even still, I'm take some pride in where this image is going. Assembled using new found Photoshop skills...the background, the figure of the goddess...using this and that from various digikits. Taking direction from the book Digital Art Wonderland (Sullins & Toball)....

Don't know where I'll take this image...if anywhere. She's safely tucked away until then...

March 8, 2016

Time to Move On

Time to Move On. David Hayes, 2016

The last couple of months have been a real creative drought for real reasons for this...just is. For awhile I let myself just "uncreative" figuring it would pass. It didn't. Thought I'd get out my paints and something different. Now there are half a dozen unfinished canvases on my studio walls...started and waiting. Decided it was time to dive into Photoshop and learn new skills. That's been interesting...and has re-opened my digital collaging. Maybe this is where I'll go from here...

In any case, Time to Move On is a piece I created on my iPad using the app Procreate, an old family photo, and elements from the digits by Deviant Scrap and Teddi Rutschman Designs. It took me the longest time to be happy with this image...I'm still not 100% with it but it is time to move on...

March 7, 2016

52 Cards - Week 10

52 Cards (10/52). David Hayes, 2016.
A bit of paper this and element from a digikit by Teddi Rutschman Designs...all put together on my cutting board and use of the iPad app Procreate and Snapseed. Not bad for Sunday faffing...

Here's the "source card":

March 1, 2016

52 Cards - Week 9

52 Cards (9/52). David Hayes, 2016.

A bit of whimsy. A bit of Alice. iColorama and a touch of Snapseed make up this week's card. 

The source card: