January 27, 2016

Three of A Kind - Oranges

Oranges (1). David Hayes, 2016.

Continuing my theme of "three of a kind"...a bowl of oranges! Oranges (1) was shot with my iPhone6 and processed using the app Snapseed.

Oranges (2). David Hayes, 2016.

This version was also shot using my iPhone but processed using the app Stackables. A different perspective and a bit more processing than the first version.

Oranges (3). David Hayes, 2016.

Returning to a top down perspective for my final version, this one was processed using the app, VSCO.

Same bowl of oranges...same basic set-up...three different images. Always interesting...

1 comment:

Wyn Vogel said...

Wow - what a delicious start to the day - love these treatments!! Very inspiring!!