November 30, 2015


The prompt asked us to use "one thing"...differently.  Different times of day, different settings, different ways of processing. My "one thing" was the string of mini-lights...actually two strings of mini-lights. In this grid, I used three different set-ups...the first images use the same set-up but were shot from different angles. All were shot using my Nikon DSLR and processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Since I always have my iPhone6 with me, I also shot each set-up using a replacement camera app called ProCamera. Each image was processed using my iPad3 and each with a different app. Clockwise from the top left: Snapseed, Stackables, iColorama, and Mextures. 

All and all, a fun prompt to work. Love those little lights!!

November 16, 2015

Pretty Pastels...

Pastels - Take 1. David Hayes, 2015.

Pretty Pastels? That's what the prompt asked for. Pretty Pastels...soft focus...backlit. Sigh. But you know, going against one's grain...out of the box...and all that sort of thing. Good for the soul...tests the artistic muscle...and I doth protest too much! 

Here's Take 1. Not so much a back lit image...the side light was too delicious to ignore. I did use the suggested preset, "pastel-haze" in Lightroom...but did throw on a grungy texture whilst in Photoshop.

Pastels - Take 2. David Hayes, 2015.

Same set-up...shot straight on to take advantage of the back lighting. Again, I used the "pastel-haze" preset in Lightroom...and a different texture in Photoshop. 

Pastels - Take 3. David Hayes, 2015.
I shot this from a little lower vantage point...and while I didn't like the overall look, I do like the perspective this tight crop gives the image. I used a different Lightroom preset and Photoshop texture with this image. Almost looks like an ad for a high end perfume....

November 9, 2015


Crated. David Hayes, 2015.

I was to play with a crate. Experiment with things on top, inside, turning the crate one way or the other. Play with light and shadows. This is what I came up with. My own take on things. As always. (Nikon D90/Lightroom & Photoshop)

Crated (An Look). David Hayes, 2015.

Another look...this time using my iPhone6 and the apps Stackables and Polamatic. Not too different...very subtle where it is.

November 8, 2015

Three Ways

Three Ways - One Way. David Hayes, 2015

When I let things go...for whatever reason...I find it hard to get back in the groove of things. This has been the case with the last two or three lessons in the Be Still_52 workshop I've been taking. I suppose I do have all sorts of valid reasons...

In any case, time do some catching up! Week 41 asked us to do a shoot of using "making something" that we would use as a prop in a future shoot.'s that image:

Not very workbench with pieces of foam core scattered about. All of which will become the tall red house structure you can see in the top image...

Three Ways - Second Way. David Hayes, 2015

Moving right along...Week 42 then asked us to take said "make it" piece and use it in a scene that we shoot three different ways. "One Way" was taken straight on...and then processed in Lightroom and Photoshop. "Second Way" was shoot from the left and high. Also processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Three Ways - Third Way. David Hayes, 2015.

I will have to admit that I cheated a bit with "Third Way". Try as I might, I could not come up with a third camera angle I liked so I figured that if I used my iPhone6 instead of my Nikon D90 that should count as a "third way"! I processed this one using my iPad and the app iColorama. 

So there you have it! Three ways!!!