December 8, 2015


Hoarfrost I, David Hayes, 2015

Most mornings I take my Brittany, Kaylee, out for a walk at the near by park. The Little Miami River runs through this section so I am always on the lookout for happenings on the water. This particular morning it wasn't what was on the water that caught my attention...instead it was the hoarfrost that was forming on all the dried weeds that lined our path. Needless-to-say, Kaylee didn't get much of a walk that morning as I was forever stopping, pulling out my iPhone and grabbing yet another shot! I thought I'd like share this series with you. Enjoy!

 Hoarfrost II, David Hayes, 2015.

Hoarfrost III, David Hayes, 2015.

Hoarfrost IV, David Hayes, 2015.

Hoarfrost V, David Hayes, 2015.

For those of you who like to know these things: all images were captured using my iPhone6 native camera app. Hoarfrost I was processed using the app VSCO, Hoarfrost II - Snapseed and Paintfx, Hoarfrost III - Stackables, Hoarfrost IV - Mextures, and Hoarfrost V - Stackables.

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Lisa Graham Art said...

These images are wonderful and made me realize I need to visit your blog more often when I am on my laptop. They are beautiful on my phone on Instagram too, but the larger images really made me appreciate how special these are. I do the same thing to my dog...stop and take photos more than he would like. He loves it when I leave my phone at home. :)

My favorite is Hoarfrost II