September 27, 2015

Open To Your Interpretation

Vignette #1. David Hayes, 2015.

Now don't get me wrong...I do like's just that the catalog spread I was asked to use as inspiration did nothing for me. Nothing at all. So...I went looking for other images that I could use for inspirational interpretations...

I did find several images had a wall size graphic design image...lots of large type in a fun font. The other image had a large minimalistic painting hanging over a chest. That sort of vignette. Taking a cue from the large type image, I created my own version of an vision chart using one of my iOS apps on my iPad. I printed that out and then proceeded to create several vignettes using that as my focus point.  Vignette #1 is my first interpretation.

Vignette #2. David Hayes, 2015.

Same chart and set...took away the boxes and the squirrel. Used a column and a potted ivy. And a different angle...

Vignette #3. David Hayes, 2015.

Brought back a couple of the boxes...added a glass bottle and some dried flower heads. Added a hand. Thought this one needed a bit a Lightroom "magic" so I used a pinhole camera effect preset that I have. Not perfect but I do like this one!

All images were shot using my Nikon D90 DSLR and processed in Lightroom.

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