June 25, 2015

Change Up

Coneflower #1. David Hayes, 2015

The prompt asked that we change things up...get outside...shoot some landscapes and then play with the edits. Be different...out of the box. All of that sort of thing. Problem was that on the days that I could get out to do that it was either pouring down rain or too stinking hot for my tastes...

Coneflower #2. David Hayes, 2015

Instead I went with my back-up plan and tried out a new 40mm lens I just purchased. Wanted to see how "close" I could get. Not a bad choice given what I came up with...but still hoping to get those landscape shots...

Both images were shot using my Nikon D90 DSLR and processed using Lightroom and Photoshop.

June 18, 2015

Four Things

Bread 1. David Hayes, 2015.

The prompt read: "Gather four things...a loaf of bread, linen, twine, and a pair of scissors..." An interesting combination of elements was my first thought. As I worked my set-up I saw how naturally these did come together!

Bread 1 is one shot from my session. I had to do some heavy duty cropping on this one as I "overshot" my backdrop...meaning my backdrop wasn't big enough. Lesson learned...I now have a bigger backdrop for the future. 

Bread 2. David Hayes, 2015.

Same set-up...shot from above. I like how I could deal with a bit of lens distortion that comes from such shots using Lightroom's tools.

Bread 3. David Hayes, 2015.

One final angle of this set-up. All were taken with my Nikon D90 DSLR and processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

For You. David Hayes, 2015.

We were also given a triptych template and challenged to put together our own foursome threesome (my words) using our images. For You is my version. 

June 9, 2015

Dirty Squares

Dirty Squares. David Hayes, 2015.

It was one of those nights...nothing I was editing was thrilling me. Perfect time for a little "faffing". For the hell of it I thought I'd create a white square and post it on IG just to see what sort of response it would get. I created the square, labeled "Square" (real original!) and started to post...

Then a spark of orneriness came across me...let's make it "dirty" and stick in into a Polaroid frame.  Added the word "Dirty". Perfect. 

Dirty Square - White. David Hayes, 2015.

What amazed me is how many people "liked" it on IG. Even left nice comments! I was on to something!!

Dirty Square - Red. David Hayes, 2015.

Dirty Square - Red was posted the next day...

Dirty Square - Blue. David Hayes, 2015.

Dirty Square - Blue followed to finish up the series. By then, my public had gotten bored with the whole concept and had moved on. IG can be such a fickle bitch sometimes...

I created each of these images using PS Touch and Polamatic. Should you be interested in owning a print of all or any of these, just let me know. They're only $90,000 each. (Might as well pay me that amount versus some dude in NYC that steals images...)

June 8, 2015


Gather. David Hayes, 2015.

Mood boards. I've see them all the time on IG and Tumblr. Full of wonderful crazy things that have significance for the creator...and perhaps those viewing them. Me...I take in the composition and most times droll over some of the included items...

From time to time I try to put together my own boards but never have liked what I come up with...probably because I'm not going about it the right way. Getting in the mood and all that...

The recent Be Still_52 prompt asked us to take a moment to settle into "intentions" and then take a walk in nature. To gather things during our walk that reflect said intentions. Then, use these with chosen props to create a board.

Long ago I stopped gathering things from nature feeling that it was best to leave everything right where it was. Low-impact visits. Take pictures instead. So...that's what I did...take pictures of the Little Miami River as I walked a portion of it. Those are in the middle of my board. The props...the wooden board and spoon are a surprise gift from Kyle Tueffer of Bole and Buck that arrived that same day, the other things just seemed to fit.

Shot with my Nikon D90 camera, processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

June 3, 2015

Recipe Book Project - Recipe Number 2

Covered Bridge. David Hayes, 2015

I have used the source image of this bridge once before...this time I used the app Enlight to give it a different look and the basis for my second Recipe Book Project video tutorial....have a look!