March 9, 2015

Three Up

Three Up (v1). David Hayes, 2015.

Backlighting was the gist of Week 8, Be Still 52. So...the prompt was to give it a try using various settings on our cameras...playing with the light if you would. We were also asked to try out a couple of new LR presets that Kim also provided. This first version was shot with my DSLR and processed in LR for the basics. No presets applied.

Three Up (v2). David Hayes, 2015.
Version 2 has the "Breathe" preset applied and I did some adjustment to Saturation after applying the preset. Makes it look a bit dreamy...

Three Up (v3). David Hayes, 2015.
This final version has the "Breathe" preset removed and the "Hazy Day" applied. Again, I adjusted the Saturation. A bit of sepia/vintage look....

While I like all three it's Version 1 that gets my vote at the moment!

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