March 4, 2015


Duaflex (v1). David Hayes, 2015

So far this week I've been sharing my images of various elements to this still life. I thought today I'd share the entire composition. As before, I shot this with my Nikon D90 DSLR and did some quick processing of the raw image in Lightroom. I was after a dreamy effect so I also worked towards a bit of soft focus effect using the "Breeze" preset given to us by Kim Klassen in her workshop, Be Still 52.

Duaflex (v2). David Hayes, 2015.

In this version I opened the image in Photoshop and applied the Simple Set #1 texture which was also supplied by Kim for this lesson. I like how it darkens the image just a tad, bringing out the shadows a bit more.

Duaflex (v3). David Hayes, 2015.

And for the final version, I removed the Simple Set #1 layer and replaced it with the Simple Set #2 texture. Almost too dark for even my tastes, it does help bring the foreground out more than the other versions. So perhaps a little more "tweaking" would help....some other day.

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amy of four corners design said...

you are really embraced this course! you are producing some fabulous work - and I'm quite impressed with your vignettes - you tell a great story with image, texture and tone...