February 9, 2015


Within. David Hayes, 2015.

Without. David Hayes, 2015.

Lesson 4 of Kim Klassen's "BeStill 52" workshop has us contemplating the concept of Wabi-Sabi - the concept of simplicity, perfect imperfection, and natural processes. These two images are my iphoneography answer to this concept. Same set-up but two different angles...and two different feels. Within was shot with my iphone6 and edited using the VSCO app. Without was also shot with my iphone6 but edited using the Stackables app.

In my Wednesday posting I'll share what I came up using my Nikon DSLR, Lightroom, and Photoshop. So make sure to come on back!


Wyn Vogel said...

Yep - love these as well - especiall - 'Without' Cheers have a great weekend!!

robin. said...

loving the first shot!!! simple. delicate baby's breath.

Escara said...

Beautiful!Loving both images!

jaeartworks said...

Beautiful, Dave! Especially the first one.