February 23, 2015

Two Versions

Version 1. David Hayes, 2015

You've seen my iphoneography images from this shoot in my earlier posts...now it's time to show you what I did with my DSLR and Lightroom/Photoshop. Version 1 was edited in Lightroom and the preset Kim Klassen gave us was applied.

Version 2. David Hayes, 2015.

With Version 2, I opened the first version in Photoshop and layered on a texture Kim also gave us with this lesson. I think I like this version the best!

1 comment:

Wyn Vogel said...

I sat and looked at this for a while - as initially V1 took me in - but V2 has a creamier palette and it has sharpened up somewhat - so in some respects it is softer and yet more dynamic!! So V2 gets my vote!! Cheers!