February 2, 2015

Rule of Threes

Rule of Threes. David Hayes, 2014

Lesson Three of the BeStill_52 workshop has us focusing on "gathering" surfaces, textures, and backdrops...needless-to-say one of my favorite activities! It was off to my local Lowes where I picked up some ceramic tiles as well as 2'x2' boards to create surfaces. I also bought some chalkboard paint and wall paper boards that I hope to use on these boards sometime this week. Oh...and a trip with my wife to her favorite fabric store for several yards of linen. 

Three Up. David Hayes, 2014.

While there were no specific photography prompts given in Lesson 3, Kim did discuss the "Rule of Threes" concept in composition as well as the use of negative space. She did offer an optional prompt: round, white, and minimal...which I used as inspiration for this series. Using some of my new found props and a set of three cups and saucers, I did a shoot using both my iPhone6 camera app and my Nikon D90. These three are from the iPhone6 shoot, each edited with a different app. I'll be working with the Nikon images soon with postproduction using Lightroom and/or Photoshop. So stay tuned!

Counterpoint. David Hayes, 2014.

Rule of Threes: iPhone6 camera app, Stackables app.
Three Up: iPhone6 camera app, Distressed Fx app.
Counterpoint: iPhone6 camera app, iColorama app.

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robin. said...

good job of following the rules. very nice series of shots.