February 16, 2015


Feathered. David Hayes, 2015.

Be Still 52, Lesson 5 had us taking a look at side lighting our subjects using natural light...something I've been doing anyway. So I took the time to play around with some feather sets I recently purchased...and side lighting at the same time! 

Feathered was shot using my iPhone6 and then processed using the Stackables app. This was set up on my table and I stood on a stool to be able to shot straight down. Side lighting was supplied by a nearby window.

Traditional. David Hayes, 2015.

Traditional uses the same set of feathers and sheet music but this time I added a silver pitcher, braced the sheet music against a grayish board and shot it straight on with my iPhone6. This time I processed it with the iColorama app to give it a painterly feel. Again, the lighting is from the side.

1 comment:

Escara said...

Fantastic shoots! Good idea with these feathers and the music sheet!
The light is beautiful.