February 28, 2014


Bowl. David Hayes, 2014.

Okay. Not a very imagitative title I'll admit...but there's a story behind this. I started work on this image thinking I'd create one of those classic fade-to-black still lives. The more I played around, the more I realized that it was really the pot holding the flowers that was of more interest to me. So...I let the flowers almost disappear into the black...and pulled out the bowl. I'm thinking it's a more interesting narrative than I first had in mind.

I'm hearing that there's more snow on the way...maybe eight more inches before it's all done Monday afternoon. Damn. I'm so over this winter...

February 26, 2014


White. David Hayes, 2014.

My heart sings when I see a well-done black and white image. Color is all well and good...but it is so easy to "cheat" with color. Black and white...it's either there or it's not.  So...when I heard about an app called Contrast ...well I had to give it a try. Talk about knocking an image back to its basics. Gotta love it!

February 24, 2014

It doesn't...

It Didn't Have to End This Way. David Hayes, 2014.

I posted a video made with PhotoMotion of this image over the weekend...so if you saw that you had a bit of an early taste...

This one came about on it's own. I'm wondering what sort of mood my muse was in at the time. I just know not to ask...just to do what she tells me. Better that way.

February 21, 2014


Somewhere. David Hayes, 2014.

I posted this image on IG and FB yesterday....thinking it was a fun image but not blog worthy. Then I looked at it again...and liked it all the more. Funny how that happens!

Happy Friday everyone!!

February 19, 2014


Hope. David Hayes, 2014.

Sun is out...full force. The snow and ice that has plagued us for so long is melting. Spring is just around the corner. There is hope after all....

February 17, 2014

Happens Sometimes

Happens Sometimes. David Hayes, 2014.

I've been working on this image for awhile. Figured it was time to post it and see what happens. Sort of like tossing spaghetti on the wall and seeing if it sticks. A whole bunch of apps where used to create Happens Sometimes...none of them hurt or injured.

February 14, 2014

Another Look

Another Look. David Hayes, 2014.

The last in my surrealism explorations...and again I've used Slow Shutter Cam to start things out. This is the same mother's-in-law tongue house plant that I used for "Green". This time I used iColorama and Blender along with Slow Shutter to create this image. Fun exploration...I'll use Slow Shutter Cam a lot more in the future!

February 12, 2014


Green. David Hayes, 2014.

Continuing my exploration of Surrealism...I decided to pick up on the work of other iphoneographers and their use of Slow Shutter Cam. Take one common Mother-in-law's Tongue houseplant...a heavy dose of Slow Shutter Cam and a bit of Snapseed and Blender to mix in several versions...and a whole different way of looking comes about. Just blame it on growing up in the 60's. (Thank you John, Paul, George, and Ringo!)

February 10, 2014


Influenced. David Hayes, 2014.

I've been taking time during this harsher than normal winter to revisit my "art history"...always good to see how the masters did it...might just learn a few things...if I pay close enough attention...

The first group I "revivisited" were the Surrealist...Man Ray and all that group. It still amazes me how pieces that I've seen time and time again in different venues have so much influence on art today. I guess there really isn't anything new...

My image today is titled Influenced as my inspiration comes from Man Ray's experiments in photography...his Rayographs. His were in shades of black and whites...just think what he would have come up with if he had apps at his disposal! Baffles the mind...

February 4, 2014


Once and Faded Beauty. David Hayes, 2014

I meant to post this yesterday...but you know the saying..."life got in the way".

This is the first in a series of four studies I did over the week end with the same set-up. I don't like always working in the same style so each image is different. The titles reflect my mood right now...February.

Speaking of February...I guess there's a major ice storm heading our way. Or not. The forecast keeps changing...