March 3, 2014

Pomegranate Sunday!

Crazy weekend. Warmish and sunny on Saturday...then icy and snowy on Sunday. March is like that around here. Perfect time to do more shoots in my studio...trying different things out. Like what can I do with a pomegranate...

Here's one version...the source image run thru Etchings and then into iColorama. A pretty traditional approach...but not lots of "drama". And I like my still lives to have that!

So I took the Etchings version back into iColorama and played around with it's Brushes. Not too bad...

Went back to the first version and now did a little pulling and tugging at the edges. I do love the versatility of iColorama!!

Finally, I started with the Etchings version...and created this interesting version, again using iColorama's Brushes. Talk about drama!!

Can't say that I love any of these...but it was good fun on an icy Sunday afternoon!!

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