March 8, 2014

Ms. Muffett (Recycled)

Ms. Muffet. David Hayes, 2012

Ms. Muffett. (Recycled), David Hayes, 2014.

This past week I was going through some of my image files when I came across Ms. Muffett. I first met her back in 2012 during a macro photo shoot in my studio when she "photobombed" the flower I was working with at the time. Figuring it was fate, I decided to rework this image...this time using the app, Stackables. Hence, Ms. Muffett. (Recycled).

I also have been putting a new app, PhotoMotion through its paces creating videos using my still images. Could resist making Ms. Muffett a video here's Ms. Muffett. (Recycled) - The Movie.

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