February 28, 2014


Bowl. David Hayes, 2014.

Okay. Not a very imagitative title I'll admit...but there's a story behind this. I started work on this image thinking I'd create one of those classic fade-to-black still lives. The more I played around, the more I realized that it was really the pot holding the flowers that was of more interest to me. So...I let the flowers almost disappear into the black...and pulled out the bowl. I'm thinking it's a more interesting narrative than I first had in mind.

I'm hearing that there's more snow on the way...maybe eight more inches before it's all done Monday afternoon. Damn. I'm so over this winter...

1 comment:

Lisa Graham Art said...

I agree with you...the color set to the black backdrop is powerful and holds a lot of visual punch.

I am with you on being over winter. It has overstayed its welcome.