January 11, 2014

Today is Friday...Right?

Shade #28. David Hayes, 2014
Alright...it is Saturday. January 11th. It's just that yesterday went by so quickly that I didn't have time to do my usual Friday posting! Life has been a whirlwind as of late....my pilates and yoga classes have started up again from their holiday break....we finally have a contract to sell our house...we had our 5 month old Brittany puppy spayed...didn't faze her a bit...she slept it off was back to her hyperactive self the next day...three of my images made it into three separate on-line showcases....

Decided to pick up where I had left off on my 40 Shades of A Park Bench project. This is where I'm working with the same image of a NYC park bench given to me by friend Seth Apter of The Altered Page...and coming up 40 different variations. Here's version 28. I have versions 29-32 already in the bag...only 8 more to go!!


Veronica Stewart said...

I really like the colors and the negative spaces in this. Do you plan to post all 40? I'm new to your page so, forgive me if I haven't seen the others.

Susan McMahon said...

Love this very much - particularly how you have used complimentary colours to great effect.