January 1, 2014


The Other Side. David Hayes, 2013.

One should always look back at the prior year in order to make resolutions for the upcoming New Year. So humor me as I do this first. The year 2013 was actually a very good year for my family and myself. Our two grown daughters finally were able to leave home and are living on their own quite happily. This allowed my wife and I to begin the newest chapter in our lives…we’ve moved into a brand new townhome in a charming “historic” town with a beautiful river running just blocks from our new home. And…with the daughters on their own we also decided to bring a Brittany spaniel puppy into our lives…and so the fun begins!

Professionally, I saw my “art” grow and mature even more. My images are gathering new attention by leaps and bound and I find them showcased in “all the right places” on a frequent basis. I very pleased by all of this to say the least.

Now then…resolved: 2014. (Hmmm. I will have to admit that I had given this much thought until this very moment! Usually I have a list of resolutions and new projects all made up weeks ago. I take this to be a good sign…that I’m living more in the moment than looking to the future…but I digress.) So…resolved: 2014 –

     * To embrace the newest life chapter to the fullest…to become as involved in my new hometown as I can. And one way to do this is to explore it with my camera(s). Which means more street-photography-realism in my photo stream.

       * I have always had a surrealistic streak in me so I resolve to work in this genre more…both as an iphoneographer and as an artist. So expect to see more of this imagery.

     *  I need to return to my roots as a photographer…so I’ll be digging out my film and digital cameras more often…and using all the high powered photo-editing software I have. (Don’t worry…I’ll always give full disclosure when I do…don’t mean to worry the purist out there.)

    *   Speaking of apps…I have so many…too many actually. Time to slow down and fully explore what I have. No more apps unless I can be convinced that a particular app is truly a must-have.

      *  Finally…I will try my hand at self-publishing via Blurb or other avenues…and I will make at least one video.

There. These resolutions should keep me fully engaged in 2014. Exciting actually. (Oh one more…I think I’ll grow a beard. Look for the selfies. This could be fun!!)

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s wishing you and yours the best year ever!!!


Amanda said...

Sounds like your year will be an adventure. Looking forward to the photos!

Seth said...

No more apps? I will believe it when I see it :-)

Congrats on what sounds like a wonderful 2013. Here's to an even better 2014!

Lisa Graham Art said...

You have had a good year, haven't you? It has been a joy to follow your art this year and I appreciate your online friendship and support of my own art so much Dave.

Can't wait for the bearded selfies.

Happy New Year!
Pat the puppy for me. :)