January 29, 2014

Finding Beauty.

Icing. David Hayes, 2014.

Yesterday morning, whilst taking the noble dogger out for her morning walk, something beckoned me down a path to the Little Miami River. (We pass by this path every morning but rarely take it...) Once at the river banks, we were greeted with the sight of a slow moving river clogged with ice. I managed to get a couple of shots taken despite the dogger's best efforts to drag us both into the river...

Latter, taking a look at what I had captured, I was struck how much this scene reminded me of the landscapes of Bruegel...one of my favorite painters. Which led me to use the app "Photo Copier" and it's filter "Bruegel: Hunters in the Snow." Talk about a perfect fit!

We went down that same path this morning...not as impressive. I'm so glad I did follow my instincts yesterday...

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