January 31, 2014

Lingering On.

Winter's Dream #2. David Hayes, 2014.

Lingering on. Winter. Sounds as if we're getting a slight respite over the next couple of days...but come Tuesday all hell could break lose...again. This winter has been a real struggle for me as I've not had to the opportunity to do any real "hibernating"...for all sorts of reasons. All of which are good...which makes complaining about a rough winter...hard. February is up next. Talk about a challenging month! Indeed....

January 29, 2014

Finding Beauty.

Icing. David Hayes, 2014.

Yesterday morning, whilst taking the noble dogger out for her morning walk, something beckoned me down a path to the Little Miami River. (We pass by this path every morning but rarely take it...) Once at the river banks, we were greeted with the sight of a slow moving river clogged with ice. I managed to get a couple of shots taken despite the dogger's best efforts to drag us both into the river...

Latter, taking a look at what I had captured, I was struck how much this scene reminded me of the landscapes of Bruegel...one of my favorite painters. Which led me to use the app "Photo Copier" and it's filter "Bruegel: Hunters in the Snow." Talk about a perfect fit!

We went down that same path this morning...not as impressive. I'm so glad I did follow my instincts yesterday...

January 27, 2014

Giving it a try.

Winter Flower. David Hayes, 2014

I gave this a try for a month last year...giving up wheat. Didn't seem to make a difference so I went back to enjoy bread in all its glory. Several weeks ago a friend of mine suggested that I read the book "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis. I must say that after doing so my mind was certainly changed towards wheat and its effects on the human body! So...I'm giving it a try again. Can't say that I've noticed any improvements as of yet but it's too early in the game. Now if only my dreams about dancing in wheat fields with naked Wheat Maidens would only go away...

January 25, 2014


A Winter's Morn. David Hayes, 2014.


"You find a purpose that is difficult and that requires you to grow stronger. You would rather be a force of nature than a victim of life, acted upon by other forces of nature."


January 22, 2014


Moment. David Hayes, 2014

Over the years I've made it a practice to always check my horoscope in the daily paper. It almost seems that there are times when it is speaking directly to me! (Other times, not so much...) When this happens...that they speak directly to me...I'll clip them, glue them to an index card and put them in a card holder for future inspiration. Here's the one I pulled from the holder today:


Leo (July 23-Aug 22). When you state that something is
possible, you are always right.

Now has that for a daily inspirational thought! Love it!!

January 20, 2014

Not yet.

Sticks No. 2. David Hayes, 2014

Not yet. Winter isn't over. Not yet. It's a warmish, sunny day today...the type that makes you wanna get out the seed catalogs...

Not yet. Winter Storm Advisory for tomorrow. Snow totals keep growing. Subzero weather to follow for the rest of the week. Winter isn't over. Not yet.

January 17, 2014

40 Shades of A Park Bench...

Shade #29. David Hayes, 2014.

It's Friday so I thought I'd post another image in my 40 Shades of A Park Bench project. Did this one up using the apps Strut Type and TouchReTouch. I don't feel that this version is one of the stronger ones...but it is interesting..

Snowing all day today...off and on. Pretty at times. More on the way come Saturday night. Winter is certainly settling in for a long stay...

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!!

January 15, 2014


A Winter's Day. David Hayes, 2014

Yesterday was such a tease. In the 50's and sunny for most of the day. Brought on thoughts of spring. What a tease. Today it's back being gray and cold...snow showers and all. Winter in this part of world is like that....a teaser.

January 13, 2014

Settling in...

Cactus. David Hayes, 2014

Settled in? Such an interesting question. Hard to answer...truthfully. Particularly if you're not sure if the person asking really want to know...

It's been two months today that we moved from our home of 14+ years to our new town home. In many ways we are "settled in"...in many ways we are not. There are still ties to our old home...financially and emotionally. Not so much with our new home. Still so much to do.

My answer to her was, "Yes, we are settling in...slowly." That made her happy. Made me also realize that yes...we are settling in. 

January 11, 2014

Today is Friday...Right?

Shade #28. David Hayes, 2014
Alright...it is Saturday. January 11th. It's just that yesterday went by so quickly that I didn't have time to do my usual Friday posting! Life has been a whirlwind as of late....my pilates and yoga classes have started up again from their holiday break....we finally have a contract to sell our house...we had our 5 month old Brittany puppy spayed...didn't faze her a bit...she slept it off was back to her hyperactive self the next day...three of my images made it into three separate on-line showcases....

Decided to pick up where I had left off on my 40 Shades of A Park Bench project. This is where I'm working with the same image of a NYC park bench given to me by friend Seth Apter of The Altered Page...and coming up 40 different variations. Here's version 28. I have versions 29-32 already in the bag...only 8 more to go!!

January 8, 2014

River Walk

River Walk. David Hayes, 2014

I have been taking advantage of my walks along the Little Miami River with my dog to capture scenes of winter at it's best. This image came from such a recent walk...and despite the cold, bitter wind blowing at the time I'd say it was well worth it. And of course, my dog also appreciated the walk!

January 6, 2014

A Wee Bit of Fantasy

Fantasy. David Hayes, 2014

I know you all have had these moments while creating...you start out with something else in mind...and then your muse takes over...and what you end up isn't anything like your first thought. I just love it when that happens! That's what happened to me last night as I worked on this image. I started with a fairly straight-forward image of a snow covered tree...and when I was done...a bit of photo manipulation...digital collage. Very pleased with myself, I am!

January 3, 2014


Unforgiving. David Hayes, 2014

January. After the holidays. Stripped of all pretense. The world tends to be cold, without ornamentation. Stripped to its essence. It is a time of year that I look forward to...a time to see things how they are, to rethink priorities, to enjoy the quite. Contemplation. Just what is needed right now.

January 1, 2014


The Other Side. David Hayes, 2013.

One should always look back at the prior year in order to make resolutions for the upcoming New Year. So humor me as I do this first. The year 2013 was actually a very good year for my family and myself. Our two grown daughters finally were able to leave home and are living on their own quite happily. This allowed my wife and I to begin the newest chapter in our lives…we’ve moved into a brand new townhome in a charming “historic” town with a beautiful river running just blocks from our new home. And…with the daughters on their own we also decided to bring a Brittany spaniel puppy into our lives…and so the fun begins!

Professionally, I saw my “art” grow and mature even more. My images are gathering new attention by leaps and bound and I find them showcased in “all the right places” on a frequent basis. I very pleased by all of this to say the least.

Now then…resolved: 2014. (Hmmm. I will have to admit that I had given this much thought until this very moment! Usually I have a list of resolutions and new projects all made up weeks ago. I take this to be a good sign…that I’m living more in the moment than looking to the future…but I digress.) So…resolved: 2014 –

     * To embrace the newest life chapter to the fullest…to become as involved in my new hometown as I can. And one way to do this is to explore it with my camera(s). Which means more street-photography-realism in my photo stream.

       * I have always had a surrealistic streak in me so I resolve to work in this genre more…both as an iphoneographer and as an artist. So expect to see more of this imagery.

     *  I need to return to my roots as a photographer…so I’ll be digging out my film and digital cameras more often…and using all the high powered photo-editing software I have. (Don’t worry…I’ll always give full disclosure when I do…don’t mean to worry the purist out there.)

    *   Speaking of apps…I have so many…too many actually. Time to slow down and fully explore what I have. No more apps unless I can be convinced that a particular app is truly a must-have.

      *  Finally…I will try my hand at self-publishing via Blurb or other avenues…and I will make at least one video.

There. These resolutions should keep me fully engaged in 2014. Exciting actually. (Oh one more…I think I’ll grow a beard. Look for the selfies. This could be fun!!)

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s wishing you and yours the best year ever!!!