April 30, 2013

The App-ter Project

A simple premise. Take one image...use 40 different apps...one at a time...and see what becomes! 

#3. David Hayes, 2013
Featured app: Popsicolor (cafe' & classic; coffee & cotton candy. Ink, Minimal, border - on!)

April 29, 2013


A Little Bit of Me. David Hayes, 2013

Looks like the weather pattern of rain every other day will be breaking this week. Which means that I can finally get on with cleaning and treating my back deck. I should have done this in the Fall...but life got in the way. You know how that is. Stopped at my local home improvement store this morning...spent over $200 on deck cleaner and sealant. Ouch!! On the way home I kept thinking that I could have used that money for a new light set for my motorcycle. Life....

Here's the recipe:

FX Photo Studio HD:
1.) Pencil Paint 2
2.) Posterize
3.) Altamata
4.) Rippled Glass 2
5.) crop, resize
6.) adjust for brightness, contrast & gamma.

April 26, 2013


Points. David Hayes, 2013.
You know what...I really don't have anything particularly "important" to say today. It's Friday...!

1.) Perfect B&W: "Ansel" with adjustments.
2.) PS Touch: crop, resized, shadows & highlights.

April 25, 2013

Here's the premise: Take one image and put it through 40 different apps...one at a time.  Simple as that. 

#2. David Hayes, 2013

Featured app: Etchings. (Fx: Citizen; Line weight: thin; Exposure: 3)

April 24, 2013

April showers...

Ruins. David Hayes, 2013

Yesterday was warm, humid, sunning. Today...cold and raining. Spring! Isn't it grand? The world is so green...the air thick with pollen...and promise! Tomorrow promises to be cool and sunny. Spring!! Loving it!!

Recipe time:

1.) Lomo Scanner: negative
2.) PS Touch: crop, black & white
3.) Photofx Ultra: Still Life 1, Sepia, Edge Glow, 47A Light Blue

April 23, 2013

The App-ter Project

Here's the premise: Take one image and put it through 40 different apps...one at a time.  Simple as that. 

Let's start with the "Source" image. Taken with my iphone5 native camera app in a studio setting. Has many things going for it compositionally. Could stand on it's own with just a little tweaking. Perfect for this project!

Image #1

#1. David Hayes, 2013.

App: iColorama. 
Settings: VGogh 1, Sharpen 1/6, Tiles 3/5, Border 3/7.

April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Growth. David Hayes, 2013.

Happy Earth Day everyone. It's to be a beautiful spring day where I live...making it tough to sit in front of my computer screen. So I won't be here long! Time to dust off my bicycle and take it for a spin...or maybe just a long, quiet walk in the woods....hmmm....

Recipe time!

1.) Wood Camera: Berlin, Painting, Frame 5
2.) TouchReTouch
3.) Color Splash 
4.) Paint Fx: Red, Blur
5.) Image Blender: Color Splash version + Paint Fx version @ Normal.

April 19, 2013


Dancers. David Hayes, 2013.
Here's the recipe for "Dancers":

1.) MPro: I used its blue filter.
2.) Touch Re Touch
3.) Photo Fx Ultra: sharpen, crop, Steel, Nude/Fx2 (as a second layer)
4.) Snapseed: Tune Image, Selective Adjust, Frame 21 (cropped tight)

Happy Friday!

April 17, 2013

Escape. David Hayes, 2013.

Well...I would say that spring is finally here. Thunderstorms rolling in and out. All my trees and shrubs are in bloom and greening more and more. The lawn needs mowing....again. And I've started to wear my shorts. Must be spring. Finally.

I've been real busy putting things out on my Society 6 shop. Do give it a visit sometime...check out what's there! I'd appreciate it also if you'd pass the word on to others. Thanks!!!

Here's the recipe for "Escape":

1.) LomoScanner - negative.
2.) PS Touch
3.) Vintage HD: Retro Border 3 with "adjustments".
4.) Image Blender: I blended the PS Touch version with the Vintage HD version using Hardlight.
5.) Snapseed: Selective Adjust; Drama 2.

April 15, 2013

Monday ramblings....

No.  David Hayes, 2013

Why is it that I wake up every Monday morning with my head full of "resolutions" for the week? Perhaps it's because I go to bed Sunday night with my mind filled with the "errors of my ways" from the past week? This could be an interesting week if I do everything I've decided to do. I also see room for lots more "errors"! Life wouldn't be any fun otherwise....

I've come to the realization that I need to "monetize" my art more...either that or go back into the real world and find a "job." I gave that up several years ago...and I don't want to do that again! A real "job" that is. I've opened a Society 6 shop last week and have been resurrecting my Etsy shop...just a beginning but this is where my energies will be more and more focused...

How's this for a new project idea? (Thank you, Mr. Apter!) Take one image...and put it through 40 different iPhone/iPad apps. One at a time. Could create an interesting gallery. What do you think? Any ideas on which of my images I should use? Which apps I should use? I'm sure I have at least 40 different apps. If not...I'll get more!

Recipe for "No.":

1.) LomoScanner: negative
2.) Snapseed: crop, contrast/color corrections
3.) Polmatic: Evidence, Olympa Traveller
4.) Repix: Blend, Edges, Hatching

April 12, 2013

New toys

Safety. David Hayes, 2013

New toys. I just love them! Always wanting something new to play with...and there is always something new out there, isn't there? We visited our local Verizon office this afternoon to make some changes on my plan...so many fun things there! I was good....didn't get anything. This time.

I am excited by the results I keep getting using my newest toy... Lomography's Smartphone Film scanner and it's companion app, LomoScanner. "Safety" is a result of this combination. I might just go back to using my 35mm film cameras...


1.) Scan your negative using your Smartphone Film scanner and LomoScanner.
2.) Do two scans - one with the setting at "none" and one at "negative".
3.) Put these two versions together using Image Blender @ Difference. (With a slight offset of the two versions.)
4.) iColorama: crop to taste; Grunge 5/37

April 10, 2013


Benches. David Hayes, 2013.
Thought I'd go "traditional" with this image. I've been putting up abstracts and highly app-ed images as of late...so it was time to return to my black and white film "roots".

I took this image many, many years ago in Camden, Maine. A time when digital was just coming known...when film was still the way to go. Remember that time? I do.  I scanned this neg using my Lomo Smartphone Film scanner...and then used PS Touch to convert to positive and process. 

Think I'll do this more often. Just to remind myself of what was....and is still possible.

April 8, 2013


Open. David Hayes, 2013
This is another image whose source image is a black and white negative that I scanned into my iPhone/iPad using the Lomo Film Scanner. Haiku HD did the rest...stylized 03 is the filter in play.

A wonderful spring day. Warm, humid, threatening thunderstorms. The world around me is showing rebirth from a long winter. Wonderful!! 

April 5, 2013

Found. (Reflection #39)

Window Shopping. David Hayes, 2013.
I just love it when I find something that I've done...tucked away and forgotten about. And it's worth sharing!! That's the case with "Window Shopping". I did this back in February...and then lost track of it until I "found" it yesterday while going through a file. I need to do this more often!! Who knows what else is out there!!

Absolutely beautiful spring day today. Tomorrow promises to be better. Than rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast. I can deal with all of this. As long as it doesn't snow...


1.) Be lucky in grabbing an image. Believe it or not, this isn't a case of layering...but reflections in a shop window at night!
2.) Take this luck...and put it into iColorama:
      * crop
     * Edges 1/6
      * Sharpen 5/6
      * Shadows: Bleach @ 0.56

April 3, 2013

27A (Reflection #38)

27A. David Hayes, 2013

Looking out my bathroom window this morning I noticed that one of our large maple trees is starting to bud out. Spring is coming. Even if it is still cooler than "normal"...but what is normal any more? Warming up this weekend...perhaps then I'll uncover my motorcycle for the season. I have this hill to conquer...

Today's image is another where I used my Lomo Film Scanner attachment to scan this negative into my iPhone5...and then processed on my iPad. The results from this scan are interesting....

1.) Scan image using Hipstamatic (John S lens, D-Type Plate
2.) Finish up using PS Touch to smooth things out....

April 1, 2013

Explode (Reflection #37)

Explode. David Hayes, 2013
Explode. Sure. Why not? It is spring. Opening Day. Even if it was snowing this morning. The sun is back out...in the 50's (F). Explode. It's time!

Here's the recipe:

1.) Build an image using Deco Sketch.
2.) Put this through iColorama: Glass 1/83; Edges 1/6; Explode 3/7 @ Darken.