February 27, 2013


Antique. David Hayes, 2013
Damn! I do hate gray, cold February days!! I really need some sunshine and warmth to bask in...

I did pick up some Burpee seeds and starter materials today while at my local Lowe's. Dreaming and planning for spring does help...a little. (And yes I know...come August I'll be complaining about the heat and longing for fall...never happy am I.)

I captured this image during the same "street walk" where I met the Ladies. I don't think this is as strong of an image compared to that series, but I do like how it came out. Here's the Recipe:

1.) Shock My Pic
2.) Photo Toaster: Exposure - as shot; Fx - Sharpen; Vignette - Deep Focus; Texture: Antiqued; Frame - Torn Edge.

I do believe this is the last image from my walk. Time to take another walk...preferably down a warm and sunny beach. Just think of the Ladies I could meet there.....

February 25, 2013

Please, Mom

Please, Mom. David Hayes, 2013

I didn't include this in my "Ladies of the Night" series. Didn't seem to quite fit with those ladies. Even so, she was one of the ladies whose portrait I captured that very same night. Shares some of that melancholy  of the others. Almost pleading. Dolls can be very disturbing....

Recipe for this one:

1.) Popsicolor: Chill (Black), Cafe' (Red), Novelty (#3)
2.) Etchings: Spectrum, Line Weight (Regular), Exposure (#4)
3.) Image Blender: blended Popsicolor version with Etchings version @Normal.

February 22, 2013

Ladies of the Night - Vision #3

Ladies of the Night - Vision #3. David Hayes

I just have one thing to say about today...I'm so tired of February's cold and gray. Spring can not get here soon enough!!

I am enjoying the fact that the second in my Ladies of the Night series made it into Flickr's Explore...and is still getting lots and lots of view and comments! Makes up for the cold and gray...indeed!

This is the last in the series. Recipe is that same as the others: Camera Bag: Jazz with adjustments to Jazz Amount & Contrast. Cropped square.

February 20, 2013

Ladies of the Night - Vision #2

Ladies of the Night - Vision #2. David Hayes, 2013.

The sub-title of this post could be: "A day without the internet!" Or something like that. We've been having problems with our connection these last couple of days and after a series of more phone calls this morning, finally determined the problem was in the cable modem. Okay. Figured that from the get-go but trying to convince the folks at Time Warner...oh well. So...we packed up the old modem earlier this afternoon and went to our local T.W. store to swap it out. Which we did. Came home, started to hook up the new modem only to discover that they had given us the wrong power adapter! So...back we went. Oh well. Everything seems to be running smoothly...for the moment. It's always something, isn't it!

This image is the second in the series of "Ladies of the Night". Same recipe as before. Camera Bag: Jazz with adjustments to Jazz Amount & Contrast. Cropped square.

February 18, 2013

Ladies of the Night - Vision #1

Ladies of the Night - Vision 1. David Hayes, 2013.

Walking down the streets of Old Milford this past Valentine's Day night...I came across four intriguing ladies of the night.  I was with my wife or I might have lingered a little longer. As it was, it was all I could do to get their pictures. Here's the first of three "Visions" from that brief encounter. Enjoy.

The Recipe for these visions is a simple one. Quite appropriate actually:  Camera Bag: Jazz filter with adjustments to Jazz Amount and Contrast. Cropped square.

February 15, 2013

My Aunt's Doll

My Aunt's Doll. David Hayes, 2013.

My wife and I took my grandmother out to lunch yesterday for Valentine's Day. She's 101. Feisty as ever. Still strong...except for her hips and legs. Her mind is as quick as ever. I want to be just like her when I get to be her age. Clean living I suppose.

On the way back to the car from the restaurant, her legs gave out and she fell. She does use a walker...and had just handed this off to me to get in the car....and she feel. Fortunately she hit butt first...but then feel backwards and hit her head on the parking lot. Talk about scary!!! We gave her a moment to recover and then helped her back up. Seems the only thing that  was hurt was her pride. "Why did I do such a thing?" she asked....

Later, sitting with her at her home, we got to talking about this doll. It was my aunt's last doll...at age 12. Makes it about 75 years old. My grandmother didn't have any granddaughters to play with it...my aunt died young and my father only had sons...so she's kept the doll ever since. Sits in a place of honor in the back room. 

Some of you might recognize this doll from earlier images...this time I thought I'd treat it differently. After all, it was Valentine's Day!

1.) TouchReTouch
2.) Photofx Ultra: B&W - green filter; Temperature - warm @ -10%; Ultra Contrast 1 with highlights @33%.
3.) PS Express: crop square.

February 13, 2013

My Turn...

My Turn Under The Sun. David Hayes, 2013.

Not that this has any thing to do with this image...but don't you just love it when your local weather forecaster...who takes great pride in his accuracy...forecasts "just a dusting of snow tomorrow...if that"...and when tomorrow comes (today) you get a lot more than that! I can't wait to hear his forecast this evening...

"My Turn Under The Sun" is one of those happy accidents. I recently downloaded the app, DecoSketch, and while I haven't quite mastered it I do have a good time sketching with it. Last night I put together an interesting graphic design...then threw this into the maul of Decim8 where anything can happen...and it did! In any case, here's the full recipe:

1.) DecoSketch
2.) Decim8: I put my DecoSketch through this twice.
3.) Image Blender: Versions 1 & 2 using the Darken blend.
4.) iColorama: Texture 21/31; Grunge 33/37 @Hardlight; HDR 3/5

I'll need to do this more often...a lot of fun seeing what comes from all this randomness!!

February 11, 2013


The Masks We Wear. David Hayes, 2013.

I'll admit that I might be pushing things with this image. My own style, what folks consider appropriate...and I'm not sure I even like this after I look at it now. In any case, I've held on to this image too long and it was time to "publish or pitch". So I decided, what the hell...publish!! After all, it is Monday. What's your thoughts on this??

Here's the recipe:

1.) I started out with a scan of an old color slide that I shot way back in the day...and yes, I did use Photoshop CS4 to do this! (There I admitted it!)
2.) I then brought this image into my iPad...so there...I don't lose all my cred.
3.) Opened it first in PS Express, did some cropping and exposure adjustments...
4.) Opened this in Blender and added the mask which came from a digital elements set that I have.
5.) Opened this in Iris (for iPad): Rusty Metal, Space.
6.) Finished in Snapseed: Tune Image, Tilt Shift

February 8, 2013


Dawn. David Hayes, 2013

Not really much to write home about today. It's Friday. A grey, gloomy one at that. No huge blizzard coming in these parts. Maybe rain. A normal February day in the Ohio River Valley! A typical February where the cold and grey are starting to settle into my bones and psyche. Maybe a trip to somewhere warm and sunny would help. Or a good seed catalog or two...

I've been taking my time setting up my new iMac. It's amazing how easy it's been so far...knock on wood! Why, I remember the days when one would literally spend days upon days setting up a new computer...with many calls to SUPPORT before everything was just right. This time around...my iMac knows that I have a printer even before I tell it to set it up...and has already set it up!!! Scary and wonderful at the same time. (I'm waiting for the time that I sit down to write a blog posting....and it's already been done!)

Here's the recipe for "Dawn":
1.) Etchings: Spectrum, Regular line width, Exposure setting #2
2.) Paint Fx: Overlay Blue, Red, Over Processed, Green Blend
3.) Be Funky Pro: Viewfinder #6, Filmstrip 5

February 6, 2013

Horse of A Different Color

Horse of A Different Color. David Hayes, 2013

I am always interested in shop windows....window shopping if you would. A well put together display is an art form...some times luring me into the shop, other times...not. Depends on the mood I'm in.

When I can, I like to take "snaps" of what's in a shop window. The lighting has to be with me...and I don't like looking too obvious doing so. This hobby horse caught my eye recently...sitting in a closed antique shop window. The lighting wasn't the greatest and there was a lot of reflection coming from the window. But I do like a challenge. Took me a bit to figure out what I wanted to do with the reflections and backgrounds...in the end, I do believe I got in right!

Here's the recipe:

1.) Paint Fx: Saturation, Blur (3 layers of this!)
2.) TouchReTouch
3.) Photo Studio Fx: Amsterdam, Texturize, Dirty Picture 2.

February 4, 2013

Snow Day

Serendipity. David Hayes, 2013
I was a middle school teacher once. Sixth grade. Loved it...for awhile....

Come winter I don't know who would wish for a Snow Day more...my students...or me. I think we both were equally excited about the possibility...the only difference was that they could show their excitement while I shouldn't have....

Today was one of those days...sort of. It started snowing heavily about mid-afternoon just when I should have been doing other things. Some important and others not so much. I just had to stop and watch the snow come down. It only lasted a couple of hours....and an inch or so. But it was like a mini-snow day. A break that I needed to take. Oh....and whilst I was looking out an upstairs window I noticed a blue bird sitting on the neighbor's basketball net rim. And then another....and another! All said, there were five blue birds! A couple on the basketball rim and backboard, the rest on the roof line. I tried to get some good pics of this...even bring out the big boy camera...my Nikon D-90! Haven't checked those yet, but if anything good is there I'll make sure to show you.

Snow days. Aren't they grand!


I decided to try out the newest version of Iris...now known as the app called Laminar Pro. Took me a minute or two to figure out it's interface as it's totally different from Iris but it looks like a winner! I'll use it again....

So...in Laminar Pro:
1.) crop
2.) Vintage/Grunge: Fibres
3.) Blur: Sharpen
4.) Photo Fx: Retro
5.) Frames: grunge frame (I guess that's what it would be called as they didn't name their frames!)

February 1, 2013

There Was A Time

There Was A Time. David Hayes, 2013

Several weekends ago my wife and I took a walking tour of "Old" Milford, Ohio. We had just signed a pre-construction lease agreement for a row house in the new Riverwalk Flats Project going up in Milford....so we thought it might be fun to start reacquainting ourselves with the neighborhood. It's not that we don't know Milford...we do having lived nearby for the last 30 plus years....but new things are happening in this river town and we wanted to check it out!!

In any case, while walking down the sidewalk....this vintage Studebaker pick-up pulled up to  the curb. It needs a lot of work, but even still...it was magnificent! Once it's driver was safely away, I tried to get some pics...but couldn't get the angles I really wanted!! Oh well....that's what they make all those apps that I have....

Hopefully this fine specimen of what a pick-up should be is a regular in Milford. After we move into our row house...I'd like to get to know it better. As well as it's driver....


1.) PS Express: crop
2.) PaintFx: Black & White, Blur, Grunge Film
3.) Snapseed: Tune Image
4.) TouchReTouch
5.) Scratchcam