January 30, 2013


Johnny! David Hayes, 2013

Crazy weather. Thunderstorms. Mid 60's (F). Spring flowers starting to show. Snow and freezing rain in the forecast for tomorrow and the next day. No wonder I'm feeling all out of sorts as of late!

"Johnny!" is another take on tree I used yesterday for "Wanderlust". Or should I say that "Wanderlust is another take as I had completed "Johnny!" awhile ago. I always like to see what I can do with the same source imagery.

1.) Infinicam:  #1: KLJ-KA96,  #2: 086-VMHG (yes, you'll need your secret de-coder rings for this one!)

2.) Image Blender: #1 + #2 using the Difference blend

3.) Title FX: for the caption...

January 29, 2013


Wanderlust. David Hayes, 2013.

Dreams of road trips. Escape. New adventures. Soon....

1.) PaintFx: blur
2.) Etchings: Citizen (Fx), Regular (Line Weight), Bright (Exposure)
3.) Wood Camera: London (Film), Goatskin3 (Texture), Frame 14 (Frame)

January 28, 2013

Why do I do this to myself?

Why Do I Do This To Myself. David Hayes, 2013

Frustration. Frustration tinted heavily with anger. At my self. At changes happening around me that I'm not pleased about. Things I need to work through. Seems to be showing up in this image.

I've always been hesitant to do "self-ies" or self portraits. Much less publish what I've come up with. Never felt I was all the photogenic. Always a little bit envious of those who do...admiring their courage.
Part of my 2013 journey is to do more of these. Hopefully, once I work through my frustrations, these will become a bit more "lighter". Perhaps not. Time to let the dark side out. Could be interesting.

Here's the recipe. (Make sure to only use during a dark and storming night!):

1.) Etchings: Zombie fx filter, Regular line weight, Middle exposure.
2.) iColorama: I used the Texture (6/31) effect on a flying bird image I have in my stocks.
3.) Image Blender: blend #1 & #2 using Multiply
4.) Pixlromatic: Film - Satya; Light - Morning; Frame - Scan.

January 24, 2013


Rage. David Hayes, 2013
Now. Let me say that I have not lost anyone nor is this about someone's death...in particular. So nothing to get worried about....

As much as I tried, I couldn't think of anything else but DEATH when I saw this hook outside a renovated warehouse...and my processing only lended itself to this idea as well. (But of course it would as that what was on my mind!)

Have you read any of Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" books? I've enjoyed several in this series, just finishing Hogfather which is his take on Christmas, mortality, Death, and the universe. Very Monty Python. In Hogfather, Pratchett gives several great takes on Santa Claus and DEATH...who always TALKS IN CAPITAL LETTERS. DEATH really isn't a bad guy...just doing his role in the universe....

Next to Mr. Thomas's words above, my take on life...and death... can also be summed up by this quote: "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, worn out & proclaiming: Damn What A Ride!" 

I've decided that when it's my time...that I want my ashes scattered in the warm Caribbean waters off the shores of a nude beach. I'll buy your drinks...but you'll have to be naked....

And....here's the recipe for this image. 
Image taken with an iphone5. 

Opened in Jazz: Brightness/Contrast (4/34); Color (Saturation (-81), Skin Tones (5)), Light Leakage (Amount (78), Type: (Old School 2), Offset (23), Hue (40)); Dirt, Grunge & Schmutz: (Amount (40), Long Grain, X/Y offset (32/-11). Saved. 

Opened in Camera Bag 2: Dusklight, Insta. Saved.

I used Type-Writer for the text which I then placed in the image using Image Blender at Darken.

January 21, 2013

Found Treasures

Skeletons. David Hayes, 2013.

I've had this image for a while now. Just waiting to a good time to post. Tonight seemed a good time...the temperature is forecasted to drop into the single digits...colder than any night for the past three years is what the weather guy said on the news. And he's never wrong. Just ask him. The sky at sunset was crystal clear...the wind in the trees reminded me of...skeletons. Winter sounds when spring seems so far away.

I don't remember exactly gave me these leaf skeletons. I do know they came to me in a paper swap I did last summer...but I did several of those swaps and didn't keep track of all the hidden treasures...like this one. I like that...finding something wonderful that was "lost". I have a box full of these sorts of things. Just need to go through it more often. Actually....only when the time is right for discovering hidden treasures.

Recipe for this one: taken with my iPhone5. Created one version using Photo FX Ultra: crop, auto adjust, sharpen, enhancing, bleach bypass #6. Created a second version using Simply B&W: blue filter. Put both of these versions into Image Blender: blend using multiply. Put this version into Snapseed: Film Style 4, Sharpening. Save.

If you're somewhere that's going to get real cold tonight, do stay warm. I'm going to find a good book and curl up in my favorite chair and blanket...

January 19, 2013

Play Time

Background. David Hayes, 2013

Several weeks ago I found myself in my car dealer's service "customer waiting area". A pleasant enough place...if you like sport talk television. I don't. In any case, I have found that a great way for me to spend my time in such places is to take my iPad along...and play! It might be trying out a new app or a new technique....or just playing. Beats Solitaire...or even Angry Birds! (Sorry, Seth...I know you're a big fan!!) I thought it might be fun to show you what I came up with this time...and to pose a question that's puzzled me for awhile. 

To start, I opened the above background that I had created sometime ago. For this I had used one of my mixed media panels that I created with acrylics and such, took a pic of this with my iPhone...and then used Scratchcam to grunge it up.

Step 2. David Hayes, 2013.
A whole bunch of things went into this panel! For some reason, I decided I wanted to created an open book format. So...I took the first background, flipped it in PS Express, opened Diptic and created a two image panel. Then....after some other playing around, I used Image Blender to add the flying birds...there are four separate layers of birds, two on each side. (The birds came from a "stamp" that I had created earlier using a shot from my iPhone and PS Touch.) The last thing I did to the panel was add the numbers 108 to both corners. I think I used either Iris or PS Touch for this. I liked what I had so far and saved it. (I also deleted the various steps in-between that I had also saved...I don't like cluttering my files!)

Step 3. David Hayes, 2013
Now a book needs a story! The question was at the moment...what story! While I could have waited on this part, I was still in the waiting room....so I decided to play around with what was already on my iPad. Opening Image Blender once again, I brought in this image of a tree that I had created over the summer...you might recognize it if you followed my i365 project. This looked pretty good....but what for the other panel?

Step 4. David Hayes, 2013

Here's where things get a little "interesting" and which will eventually lead me to ask my question. I couldn't find anything in files that I had done that worked. So...I went to a folder I created on my iPad that held several images I had uploaded from my Mac. These are digital images that I had purchased from various online sources....and uploaded to my iPad to see if they'd work. Well, they do! The tree siloutte on the right is one such image. I'm not sure what the "story" of these two panels would be...but it does create an interesting panel.

Step 5. David Hayes, 2013
That panel done, I saved it so I could try something else. This time, again still in Image Blender, I moved the tree I used in Step 4 over the left hand side and brought in the image of the two birds from the same folder. Now, I like this panel....but the two images aren't mine, so I'm not going to do anything with them...other than share them here.

Now here's my question. A semantics/definitional one. Are these two images iphoneography? Or are they digital art? I did create the backgrounds from images I shot with my iPhone and processed in my iPad. (I could have done the same thing on my iPhone, but the iPad screen is so much nicer!) The first panel does use a tree image that I had created via iphoneography, although the left panel isn't my image. I did process everything you see using my iPad. My thought....none of this is iphoneography which is in the truest sense is images taken only with an iPhone/iPad (or Droid) and processed entirely in-device. I believe what I created would fall more into the digital collage/digital imagery category.  So...where do you come in? 

January 13, 2013

Tell All

Do make it a point to visit Seth Apter's blog, The Altered Page, today. In his latest post...myself and 9 other artists give advice to our "younger selves". I had forgotten what I had submitted...quite pleased with the advice I gave...not only to myself but to everyone!

January 12, 2013

The Kindness of Strangers

Snowfall. David Hayes, 2013.

The stillness of January. The quiet time of winter...all the big holidays over. Time to settle into that cold, dark time of the year...regroup...recoup. I've been counting on this time...the stillness. Yet, it hasn't come to me as of yet!

Different things keep coming up, disrupting the quiet. Some small, silly things. Others, not so much. Like yesterday late afternoon. I received a phone call from my wife who is visiting her sister in Michigan. Seems that our youngest daughter was taken away from work in an ambulance due to an asthma attack. Company policy and all that. So...after making a couple of calls, I determined where she was and set out to pick her up. At a hospital in a part of town with which I am totally unfamiliar. Through the magic of my TomTom I found the hospital with only one missed turn. (Pretty good for me!) Daughter was fine...wanted me to drive her back to work so she could pick up her car. Again, new territory to explore!

This morning I pulled my motorcycle out of its winter slumber to ride it to my dealership so they could preform one of those "mandatory recall services". Nothing major but Harley corporate was on their case about getting these all done. With the weather forecasted in the 60's today, I really had no excuse not to do this. Besides...you want to keep the guys in Service happy at all times. Uneventful and rather pleasant ride to the dealership....and true to their word, I was in and out. The trip home...well that's another story! There's a very steep hill on my route that I have to ride up. Done it before. Not problems. I had started the climb when I realize I was in the wrong gear. I think I "kicked up" instead of "down". Big mistake! Before I knew it I had stalled out. On a steep hill. Have you ever tried to keep a 750 lb. Harley upright when it's rolling backwards...with traffic behind you!? Only option...shut her down quickly and let her go down slowly. Then stand there and curse the fates...

Long story short. The guy in the pickup truck behind me stopped, got out of his truck and helped me upright my bike and after a couple of false starts, we backed her into the guard rail. After calming down, I called AAA for help. While waiting, several people stopped/slowed down to see if I needed help. The AAA guy finally arrived... and while he spotted traffic, I was able to get the bike out of gear...and then back into first and slowly make my way up the hill and then home. No harm to my bike or to myself other than throwing my lower back out...and my damaged pride. 

Thank you to all those who helped me this morning...and to those who helped my daughter last night. The Kindness of Strangers. Who says the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Not a chance with good folks like that out there! 

As for that winter stillness....I thought this image was appropriate. My recipe is simple. Open that amazing app, iColorama. Crop to taste. Use these fx filters, in order of appearance: Simplify; Tint (13/17. Overlay blend. Opacity 50%): High (1/4. Opacity 50%); Sharpen (3/6).

January 7, 2013

Bittersweet moment...

Fences. David Hayes, 2013.

This time of year always saddens me. Christmas and the New Year have come and gone. All the decorations have been put away...and the world becomes a darker place at night. I always tell myself that this is the way it has to be...after all if the Christmas festivities stuck around all year, then it wouldn't be so special!

What has made this passing all the more bittersweet is that this was the first holiday that my family wasn't all together....and not just for Christmas, but also Thanksgiving! Our eldest daughter, who "moved away" (finally!) this past summer, couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving because of work schedules. This wasn't too bad as it looked like she would be able to be home for Christmas. At the last moment, this fell through as well. She was able to make it home this past weekend for Christmas...and anticipating this, we kept everything up for her. She had to leave this afternoon....and so Christmas is now "over" and we've started to take it down.

As parents, it's our mission to raise our children the best that we can....to prepare them for a life of their own....and then "push" them out of the nest. Our eldest has moved on and while her life hasn't been a bed of roses, she is doing everything she can to make a go of it. Very proud of her....indeed! 

My youngest daughter and I were talking over dinner this evening that this was the last Christmas that we'll have in our house as my wife and I are hoping to "downsize" sometime this year and move to an apartment/town home. We also realized that last Christmas (2010) was the last Christmas that the four of us observed it in the "traditional" way. Another bittersweet moment...old traditions making way for new traditions! Both exciting....and sad.

Here's the recipe for "Fences": I opened the original image (shot with my iphone5) in Photo FX Ultra. Did a little cropping. Then applied it's Image: Sky 10 filter. Followed by Grads/Tints: Nude/FX 3. Topped off with a bit of Old Photo: Platinum, then back to Image for a touch of Sharpen. Easy as that!

January 4, 2013


Released. David Hayes, 2013.

I created this image just before Christmas. It had a different title then. Seemed appropriate at the time. Not so much this evening. I like this title so much better. Sums up my plans for the new year...letting go of the old....letting go of dreams that no longer can be....letting go. A release...so there can be a new beginning! A joyful moment, actually! 

This was taken while I sat at my desk. I heard the birds outside, looked up to the arched window in my room...and...yes I do have my iphone5 sitting next to me most times! You don't? It's all in the moment, isn't it?

The recipe. Grab a quick, opportunistic shot. Run it through the app, BeFunky Pro's "Stenciler 1" filter. Save it. Open Etchings, use the "Spectrum" Fx filter, thin Weight, and the middle level Brightness settings. Save. Finish off in Iris. Just a bit of "Cracks" and "Old Snap". Save and enjoy!

January 1, 2013

Winter Morning

Winter Morning. David Hayes, 2013

A new year. New beginnings. New projects. A quiet morning, this January 1st. A foggy morning outside....as well as in my self. The clarity I had about the new year just last week has disappeared in light of new circumstances. Some good, some not so. Life.

My 2012 i365 project is over. It was a great project...learning much from it. My door-opener to new communities and new artists. I am so glad I did this project. So glad that it's over. Having to create a new image every day was a creative challenge...I didn't always feel that I posted my best. But post I did! Record of my journey. For those who followed along, thank you for your support and companionship. It was what kept me going!

I won't be posting everyday in 2013. I want to make sure that the images I share are truly reflective of my life at that moment. I also plan to share more of my thoughts with you as I go. A Book of Reflections. I hope you continue along with me.

Recipe for "Winter Morning". Start with Glaze. Apply it's "Orange #1" filter. Save this. Open Layover. Load your original image first, followed by the Glaze version. Oh...make sure you've set the aspect ratio to 4:3 (Standard) before you start. Blend using Hue. Use "Crop" to offset the original just a bit. To taste. Save and enjoy.