October 28, 2013

Monday, October 28th

Shade 25. David Hayes, 2013

So I said to Seth Apter, "Seth...send me a picture of a New York City park bench. Any bench. And I betcha I can come up with 40 different variations on that bench." So, Seth being who he is, sent me the most awful snap of a park bench. And, me being who I am, have been working on those 40 different variations, or shades, of that park bench.

In the past, I've only posted my results on my Flickr stream or in a FB album set-up in my Clearer Reflections page...and I will continue to do so. (If you haven't seen the prior "Shades" do check  them out at Flickr and/or FB!) I have also decided to start posting here as well! 

Happy Monday, everyone!


Lisa Graham Art said...

Well it IS NYC. Love your variations and the fact that Seth sent the image to you. Cool.

jaeartworks said...

Haha...love it! Great challenge