September 9, 2013

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Little Man. David Hayes, 2013.

I am not a very patient person. It's like there are 106 days to Christmas and that's like one hundred and five days too long! We're told that our new row home will probably be ready in October...but I can't get a firm answer as to "early October?" "mid October?" "the end of October?" The wait and not knowing is driving me nuts! Same with waiting to find out if I will be getting a Brittany spaniel...I'm number 6 on a list for 6 dogs. If one of the puppies doesn't make it or the breeder decides to keep one of these for himself (...and no, I'm not working with a puppy mill!)...then I won't. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Recipe for Little Man:
Camera Bag 2: Black & Color (Layer 1)
Mextures: Concrete Jungle (Overlay @ 100) (Layer 2)
Blender: Layer 1 + Layer 2 @ Overlay with mask
Lomob: Vintage Instant

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