September 23, 2013


Hay Field. David Hayes, 2013
Fall arrived promises to be fall like...warm, crisp air....clear sky. It couldn't have come soon enough...fall. While we had a mild summer, fall is my favorite time of year! Time to put away the bikini's and flip flops...and get out the flannels and boots! (I do admit that I will miss summer's bikinis....) 

Hay Field is part of a series I shot up in Michigan this past August. Even though it was at the height of summer, the morning I took this one and the others that I will share this week had a fall feel to it. So when it came time to do my post-shoot work, I had to go with that! I hope you enjoy these.

Recipe for Hay Field:
Laminar Pro
Classic Grunge 1


Susan McMahon said...

Nice shot - has a painterly feel to it and I really like the muted colour.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow, I love this one too...fantastic and beautiful.