July 5, 2013

The 5th of July.

Star. David Hayes, 2013

My back screen porch is the perfect place for quiet morning contemplations, this morning being no exception. Sitting out there earlier this morning with my cup of coffee listening to the rain...and the quiet. What little traffic noise there was dampened by the sounds of the rain...perfect.

The 5th of July. The frenzy of the 4th over...now we can all settle into what summer really is about. Yes, heat and humidity but also the celebration of life. I've always "fought" past summers...not being a lover of heat and humidity...but I think this summer I'll give into the full celebration. As it should be.

Recipe for Star:
PS Touch
adjust for brightness, contrast, and exposure
adjust sharpening
take out any distractions.


amy of four corners design said...

sounds like the right attitude to take...love the flower...

Seth said...

Beautiful image and absolutely the best attitude! Happy 5th!