July 15, 2013

Study #1

Study #1. David Hayes, 2013

A recent trend I'm noticing amongst the photographers I follow is to present their work in the form of "studies" where they will group a series of images together as a diptic or triptych. In particular I've been very impressed with the works of Mary Galloway and Christiane Bäcker whose groupings are always quite fascinating!

I thought I'd try my hand at this so this week I will be posting a number of my own "studies" where I've used my macro lens ala Christiane Bäcker. I'm quite pleased with how these studies came out...I do hope you like them as well!

Study #1(A). David Hayes, 2013. 

(Alt Photo: crop, Daguerreotype)

Study #2 (B). David Hayes, 2013.

(Hipstamatic: GSquad/RTV; Alt Photo: crop, Daguerreotype)