July 8, 2013

In the Style of...

Such A Cut Up. David Hayes, 2013

I belong to a Face Book group that calls itself "The New Era Museum" or NEM. A recent challenge put forth to its members was to create an image in the style of another one of the members. Taking up this challenge, I created my image Such A Cut-Up in the style of an image by Lisa Waddell. Hers was a much more formal take on the tomato...but you know me. Can't take things seriously...

While I don't know Lisa's recipe...here's what I used:

PS Touch
crop; adjust shadows and highlights
remove the distratctions
Edison (Screen @35)
Mummify (Overlay @ 35)
Tune Image for Brightness and Saturation


Lisa Graham Art said...

This is such a great photo Dave. Character all over. Now where's my Ranch dressing and cracked pepper?

Alexis Marlons said...

It is super nice. Love its effects and highlights.