July 22, 2013


Corruption. David Hayes, 2013.

I've been sitting on this Grunge series for awhile now...waiting until a time I felt particularly "grungy"...and I think this week is it. Corruption is the first of three images. 

I also have a set of three still-lives based on a single red rose. Next week...

Recipe for Corruption:
1.) LomoScanner
2.) PS Touch
3.) FX Photo Studio: Black & White, Glendale, Dirty Picture 2 (Version 1)
4.) FX Photo Studio: Pencil Paint 2, Posterize (Version 2)
5.) Image Blender: Version 1 + Version 2 @ Soft Light
6.) Scratchcam
7.) Iris: Grunge


Holly Dean said...

I love this, Dave. It is really amazing!

Lisa Graham Art said...

I like this one very much! Can you believe I STILL have not found a fram for my forks?! Square frames are not easy. I should probably shop online.