June 5, 2013


Whirl. David Hayes, 2013

Whirl. That pretty much describes how I've been feeling lately. Not a "bad" feeling...just one that I have to get a hold of...to focus that swirl of energy...put it to good use!!

My thanks to everyone who has "Liked" my Monday's image, Sunset. It has received a phenomenal amount of attention, at least for one of my images, over at Flickr and on Facebook. Certainly a Sally Fields moment..."You like me, you really do like me!". 

Today's image, Whirl uses the same source image I used to create Sunset. Talk about differences...

Recipe for Whirl:

1.) iColorama: crop; Sharpen 1/6; Deforms 9/10; Shadows
2.) Snapseed: Drama 2.


Lisa Graham said...

Whirl makes me think of two words...botanical wine. Do you suppose there is such a thing? Very neat image! Off to see yesterday's, I think I missed it. And of course we like you!

Lisa Graham said...

How do I get to your facebook, whenever I click on you when you like something on my facebook I see you but there's no way to friend you or follow you or like you. ????

I have been forgetting to ask you about that for a really long time.

Carol said...

I suppose all wine is botanical really. Good description. Now I have to find Sunset - yes, I'm lagging way behind, as usual. I sat down at my Mac today and found 1007 emails. Too much, can't cope. I wonder what life would be like without all my gadgets?