June 17, 2013


Sneeze. David Hayes, 2013

As I'm apt to do on a Sunday evening, I found myself sitting at my desk last night making up my weekly to-do list. Makes me feel so purposeful...even though I also know that I won't do most of what's on the list. At least I can say I tried. The question I always ask myself is, "When?" When will I get to all these things? When do I spend time creating new images? When do I spend time to do my blogging...my Facebook-ing...my postings to the ever growing places that I "hanging" my pictures. When....? 

I suppose the answer is...whenever! Hmmm. Happy Monday!

Today's image, Sneeze, seems to fit this question. Here's its recipe:

Slow Shutter Cam
FX Photo Studio
Glow Vivid Color (layer 1)
B&W Grained (layer 2)
Image Blender
Layer 1 & 2 @ Darken

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