June 14, 2013

What A Day!

Siberian. David Hayes, 2013

I woke up this morning...and remember that the woman sleeping next to me and I were married on this day 38 years ago! Now that's pretty fantastic!!

Checking my Facebook stream later over coffee, I found that I been designated a NEM Artist by the New Era Museum Artistic Committee. Now that's pretty fantastic as well!!

And...I also found that I was mentioned, along with other artists, in a nice write up by The App Whisperer! Pretty fantastic!!

The weather today has been perfect....mid 70s, low humidity, sunny. Decided to scrap my to-do list and take my motorcycle out for a ride. Priceless!!

So what can I say...but...what a day!!

Recipe for Siberian:

1. Wood Camera: crop, Florence, Painting
2. Snapseed: crop tighter, Drama 1.


Gayle Price said...

Beautiful image ! Adore the background. And, congratulations x 3.

amy of four corners design said...

sounds perfect - batting 1000 I'd say! congrats on all fronts!

Lisa Graham Art said...

What I can say is that this is stunning and congratulations on your 38 years and all the artsy stuff too!

Carole said...