June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice....

Cobwebs. David Hayes, 2013

Ah...summer. Arrives today....longest day, shortest night. With weather that fits...hot and humid. At least here in the Ohio River Valley. Full of promise. 

In a fit of the "blues" this morning...left over from yesterday... I realized that if I don't shake it off quickly I'd miss out on Summer's promise. Can't do that. No, indeed!!

Recipe for Cobwebs

Crop source image using PS Express. Do a little adjusting for 
Contrast, Brightness, and Exposure
Open in Laminar Pro...use the LCA filter followed by Old Paper
Open in Mextures...use the Ashes filter set on Color Dodge followed by
Stonewall set at Difference.
Finish up back in Laminar Pro where I adjusted temperature &


Lisa Graham Art said...

This is like a person lurking behind a door at night. It has a Halloween feel to it. I like it.

Hope the blues are gone.

Carole said...

Hi Dave. Tis the season of spider webs on Vancouver Island too but our weather has been cool and wet.
Your Rode Hard is a gorgeous photo. Great detail on the petals.

Wyn Vogel said...

Whooo - love it - though it might necessitate the duster on my behalf!!! Colours are wonderful and the web fractures are so intriguing!! Cheers!! Been off line - back again now sort of !!