June 26, 2013

So...let me tell you about it.

Yellow Dress. David Hayes, 2013

You see, it's like this. Sitting at my kitchen table this past Monday afternoon. Working on one of those inane house projects that have to be done. Heard the a/c compressor start up outside followed in a couple of minutes by the house blower kick in...then kick off abruptly. You got it. Long story short. Air Conditioner DOA. Just when the heat of summer is starting up. Made the call...couldn't come to our house until late Tuesday afternoon. Lots of dead a/c's out there. When the service guy does show...it's our blower control module. Not cheap. Very expensive. Not something they carry. Can't get one until Wednesday morning. Tuesday night was miserable! Okay, story getting long...so...replaced this morning. Yep. Very expensive but at least the house is cooling off. Life is like this...yeah it is.

Yellow Dress

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Waltrip Woman said...


I am in Dayton and really fear the same loss of AC. It is SO hot, humid, and MISERABLE this week!