June 12, 2013

Mid Week

Flight. David Hayes, 2013.

Wednesday. Already. Mid Week. I always have mixed feelings about Wednesday's. Is the week already over...or is the best yet to come? Half empty? Half full? Only two days to the week-end. And I wonder, what would a week of Wednesdays be like? Hmmm...

I really, really like how this image came out. I hope you do as well! In any case, here's the recipe for Flight:

Sharpen 3/6
Shadows: shadows & bleach


Marlynn said...

Fantastic image - you know how to capture the beauty of the image you are working with.

amy of four corners design said...

Irises are my favorite flower...you highlight the beauty perfectly...

Gayle Price said...

Very, very beautiful ! Petals like tissue. A week of Wednesdays ? Bad thought. Hey David if you want to email, my address is on the sidebar of my blog. Sorry, just like to keep things simple.