June 24, 2013

Garden Studies

Garden Studies. David Hayes, 2013

One of the joys I find in my Face Book stream is seeing what the artists that I follow are doing...particularly those I've newly started to follow. One of those is a photographer named Mary Galloway. Not only is her images in themselves fascinating, I have also become quite intrigued by how she puts them together into "studies" of sorts. Inspired by this, I created my own Garden Studies. So a tip of the hat to Mary! Do check out her work if you're on Face Book!!

Recipe for Garden Studies:

1.) I shot both images using MPro (blue filter)
2.) Put both images thru Alt Photo (Tintype, cropped square)
3.) Used Layover to bring the images together (multiply)
4.) Finally, a bit of Snapseed to put a bit of polish on the finished product! (Tune Image, Frame 15)

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