May 29, 2013


Waves. David Hayes, 2013

Branching out a bit with my imagery. Trying different things. Liking what I'm seeing. Creating lots and lots of different...differences. I can't seem to settle into one style like many of the artists/photographers I follow have done. Maybe that's my style....different...differences....

Recipe for "Waves"...somewhat convoluted...

1.) I used LomoScanner to bring the nude into my camera roll...then I used PS Touch to invert and extract figure from its background.
2.) MPro: captured the leaf imagery in the foreground and opened this in iColorama
3.) iColorama: Waves 4/4; Blend @ Difference...leaves with nude; Crop; Brush - explode 3/7; Sepia 12/18 @ Overlay
4.) Snapseed: B&W - Dark; Drama 2

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Wyn Vogel said...

Not sure about this one but!!