May 27, 2013


River's Dream. David Hayes, 2013

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! The day to remember those who died serving their country. Parades, speeches, and picnics. Not many days of school left...if any. Summer. A good time.

The recipe for this image is a bit complicated...I'll do the best I can to explain what I did! Lots of trial and error went into this one until I got it right...

1.) MPro - source image of hosts
2.) Repix - Spray, Scratches
3.) FX Photo Studio HD - Lauderdale
4.) Paint Fx - Red Glow
5.) Laminar Pro - Space with mask. (Layer 1)
6.) Pixlromatic - Gadelf. (Layer 2)
7.) Image Blender - Layer 1 & Layer 2 @overlay with mask
8.) Laminar Pro - Book 1 with mask.


Wyn Vogel said...

Love this!!! love the dimensions of text and depth enabled by the magnification bridge!!

Carol said...

Is the text from Laminar Pro? A wonderful image, Dave!