May 31, 2013

Summer mode

Dreams. David Hayes, 2013.

It's only May 31st...and I'm in Summer Mode. No focus, no motivation, easily distracted. I'm not bored...or lacking interesting and creative endeavors...just feel like it's time to go to the beach and zone...

Recipe for "Dreams":

1. LomoScanner: negative
2. TouchReTouch
3. Photo FX Ultra: crop, Day for Night 3, Fog 10, Sharpen @ 200%
4. Snapseed: Vintage Film - Style 7, Tune Image - brightness & contrast


Carole said...

Hey Dave, there's nothing wrong with going to the beach and taking a break! Go for it!!!

Carol said...

Bit chilly here for going to the beach but that's where you should be going if it gets you into the zone - or zone out. Lovely image.