May 15, 2013

Sep 73. David Hayes, 2013

Hmmm. No words of wisdom this afternoon. The air outside is charged with heat, humidity and approaching thunderstorms. I'm not a heat and humidity lover...even still a day like this is welcomed after all the cold, dreary days we've had this spring. Looking forward to the thunderstorms...maybe even sleeping in a bit tomorrow morning listening to the rain...

Recipe of the day:
1.) LomoScanner using Paper Camera as the camera app
2.) PS Touch
3.) Image Blender: I used a "stock image" I have of the slide frame plus the Paper Camera image @ normal.


Wyn Vogel said...

Whoo - good thing you don't live in the tropics!!

Love this piece though I sense there is a real story behind this one? Or was it just a very emotional app??

Cheers we have had so many fires and this reminds me of these moments when the shards are found!

Carol said...

A beautiful image! I love the blend. I always love Paper Camera getting a look in...