May 6, 2013

Machine. David Hayes, 2013.

The rains that set in over the week-end are clearing away. Looks like a good day ahead... 

Found water in the back-end of my car....I'm assuming one of the seals along the tailgate has developed a leak. Now to find it. Hopefully I can fix it...otherwise an expensive trip to the dealership is in my future. Nuts!!

Thought I'd post something "steampunk" this morning. I used a fun app for this one...check out the recipe!!


1.) Lomo Scanner: none
2.) Steam Punk Tada: x-ray, postmark, leather bind.
3.) Etchings: Lumen; Line - thin; Exposure - #7; Advanced Export.
4.) Snapseed: Tune Image/contrast & brightness; Drama 2; Film Style 4.


Lisa Graham said...

This is really cool looking!

Anna Mavromatis said...

this looks like a very good etching; wonderful!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Nice work!

Carol said...

Steam Punk Tada! Must have, NOW! I really, really love this. Can't talk, off to find SPTada!